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=== Visit Beautiful Zurt ===

How can I visit a place from a science fiction book?

      Beautiful Zurt is based on one of the first multi-player games ever made. The proper name for the planet is Fazuul. The game was created by Tim Stryker.

      The game was released in 1984. Beautiful Zurt celebrates the 30th anniversary of that first release.

      I started playing Fazuul in 1996 on a local BBS - bulletin board system. I was immediately taken in by the science fiction environment. Games of magic didn't appeal to me. To find a game where I could walk through an alien city, and play games, and talk with other players - it opened up a whole new world to me. A world I grew to love.

      Fazuul is, at once, both a fascinating planet and a frustrating one. The tools and puzzles it takes to solve it are extensive. Once the internet came to full florish, I found a telnet site to play Fazuul again. From my fan page, I found other players, and in 2008 three of us finally solved Fazuul.

      You will find almost everything in the book is in the game. Zleens, the Osmotic, even the Freenish are there for you to experience for yourself. All the rooms Renya described, the artifacts in the jungle, every tool - they all exist in Fazuul. The jungle will be as hard to navigate for you as it was for Renya. Good luck with that.

      Whether you just want to walk around the planet from Beautiful Zurt or want to try your hand at solving the game, Fazuul is still available on a few BBS sites. The most reliable I've found is DarkSide.

Direct TelNet Access - with options from the Main Menu

DarkSide sign up, G, A, B, relogin, G, 7
Seabreeze sign up, G, S, A

If you know of others, let me know and I'll post them.

      Have fun!

vine image by ZooFari - Wikipedia