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Beautiful Zurt


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Special Edition with ephemera - Etsy Only

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=== Special Edition Books ===

      Video games sometimes come with extras they call 'feelies'. I'm not fond of that word, but wanted to include items to give the reader a feel for Beautiful Zurt. I've decided 'ephemera' is a good word for the items.

Special Edition Beautiful Zurt

      The Special Edition books are available only through the SendCoffee [my publisher] Etsy site or appearances at cons. There will only be a limited number of them available. I'll post the events as I get the dates.

      What's in the Special Edition?

The Special Edtion Beautiful Zurt has:

  • A map of the ground floor of the city
  • A wigglesnort, complete with a code to decipher
  • A postcard from Beautiful Zurt
  • A bookmark from Jefrond 5 on surviving Sykils
The Special Edition books are all signed, as well. I'm excited.


The wigglesnorts have arrived!

They look amazing. I saw a photo proof and was afraid they might not look as great in real life, but they do. They're about the size of a half dollar, but with the hexagon shape seem a tiny bit smaller.
I designed them with coded text. I wonder how long it will take someone to decipher the code?

vine image by ZooFari - Wikipedia