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About Send Coffee
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We started our website in 1996 and started selling our coffee gifts and gift baskets online in 1998. Now, we'd like to be your source for all things coffee.

      At we're serious coffee drinkers. We know good coffee, and we know great coffee. Great coffee can be found here: Olympic Crest Coffee. Seriously, the best roaster we've ever tasted.

      Coffee culture goes beyond your favourite cup, so we have coffee shirts, coffee mugs - even coffee iPhone cases - coffee art, and our own publishing imprints Send Coffee Books & Coffee Break short stories.

      We've never liked the terms 'coffee snob', but here are our ground rules:

· No decaffinated coffee
· No flavoured coffee
· No coffee clip art designs - all our art is original
· No coffee cliché merchandise

      We will only offer you real coffee products - great coffee products. Art, shirts and products that stand out. All original Send Coffee art and coffee designs.

Coffee Gift Basket Buying Advice

      Who doesn't like the smell of fresh coffee? You savour the aroma; anticipate the taste.
Mixing a pack of powdered coffee into hot water simply isn't the same.

      If you're looking for a coffee gift, you want real coffee, not a pack of powdered instant coffee.

      While shopping for a coffee gift basket, you may see the same basket on a few sites. If different companies are offering the same coffee gift basket, that's a bad sign. Gift basket sites with a variety of 'theme' baskets will often buy a coffee basket from a mass producer and add it to their site. The coffees are rarely fresh, often flavoured to disguise their poor quality, and the baskets can sit on shelves for months. Some include only powdered 'cappuccino' packs and no real coffee!

      If you came here looking for a coffee gift basket, try to get real coffee. Buy from a coffee company, rather than a gift basket site with 'coffee' as just one of many themes.

Real coffee is the foundation of a great coffee gift basket.

Look around our pages.     We think you'll like what you see!

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Their use of variations of our own domain name is against all internet law and regulation, however they have refused to discontinue the deceptive behaviour and told us they look forward to our expense for legal action against them.

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