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Our Coffee Break Shortstm are short stories for .99.
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Recent Releases:

Beautiful Zurt by Jes Simon
science fiction novella

No one greets her on the tarmac.
No one answers when she calls out.

Renya receives an invitation from a friend to join him on a lush resort planet. What she finds is a long abandoned city, surrounded with dense jungle, and no means of escape.

All that remains are scattered alien tools and signs in a language she doesn't understand.

This is no vacation. It's the start of her strange adventure.

In paperback and ebook format

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Upcoming titles include:

Sea Goblins: Book II - Sue Foxx
Pinsy - Who Rules the World - Jes Simon
Tipkin the Church Mouse: Book Two - Eleanor Spencer

Coffee Break Shortstm
.99 Short Stories

Forgotten Things - short story

Forgotten Things
One small thing from the past can make a big difference in the future.
~ Kindle - short story ~

Jabowski vs. New York City - short story

Jabowski vs. New York City
A young man decides to
take on the big city.
~ Kindle - short story ~

As Strange As Most - short story

As Strange As Most
Scifi short story from the
World, Other World collection
~ Kindle - short story ~

The Forever Cat - short story

The Forever Cat
Natalie has the perfect cat. She only wishes she could have it forever.
~ Kindle - short story ~

Morning, Sunshine! - short story

Morning, Sunshine!
What if Night Owls were the majority?
How would morning people cope?
~ Kindle - short story ~

Deus ex Machina - short story

Deus ex Machina
The end of the world is something few could accept, but some were more unaccepting than others.
~ Kindle - short story ~

Matilda 2.0 - short story

Matilda 2.0
The old computer in the back of a internet cafe would like your attention.
~ Kindle - short story ~

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Current Titles


Christian non-fiction - A Woman With Issues
Subtitled: A short guide to getting out of God's way, author Eleanor Spencer provides insight on following the path God has set out for you.
~ Kindle Book ~

Travel book - This is the Best Idea Ever
Whether you are an experienced traveler, or it's still a dream for you, this book tells the truth about travel you won't find other places. It is the story of a backpacking adventure through Eastern Europe and the UK.
~ Kindle Book ~


World, Other World cover
Short Story Collection
World, Other World - Simon Just
~ Kindle Book ~

Sea Goblins cover
Juvenile Fiction
Sea Goblins: are good goblins!
Sue Foxx
~ Kindle Book ~

Tipkin the Church Mouse cover
Early Reader Christian Fiction
Tipkin the Church Mouse
Eleanor Spencer
~ Kindle Book ~

Princess Emily cover
Picture book about colours
Princess Emily Picks a Colour
Jes Simon
~ Kindle Book ~