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[ Fresh Bitter Poems ] Fresh Bitter Poems
We are currently not accepting submissions for this area
[ Juicy Mind Bits ] Juicy Mind Bits
A mish-mosh area for writings slanted towards humor
[ Tempting Neuro-Grind ] Tempting Neuro-Grind
Bizarre, controversial, but well thought-out theories
[ Savory Neo-Fables ] Savory Neo-Fables
Fables for current times
[ Piping-Hot Essays ] Piping-Hot Essays
Essays and short stories - three submissions initially
[ Sweet Brittle Chains ] Sweet Brittle Chains
Compositions on manipulation - use/effect/getting out from under
[ Pop Eye Gone Now? ] Pop Eye Gone Now?
PopGun Gallery taking submissions from all mediums
[ Crisp Gritty Logic ]


Crisp Gritty Logic
Humorous looks at illogical behaviour

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