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X-Ray Lenses

your soul must be dark

i see no light

your mind must be weak

i see no strength

your eyes must lie

i see no truth

you must be dead

i see no life-

© R.Lore

The Reader

I write the spoken truths,
Of poetasters and cons-

Only to show those who read,
they don't have to be morons-

Are you following this jive,
Or am I speaking in tongues-

You need only understanding,
not to scream out your lungs-

Before you know it,
you too will see the light-

That there are those who have bull,
and those who have insight-

So read all that you see,
And sift out the lies-

And you would have learned,
The truth, with your own two eyes.

© R.Lore

Intelligent Beast

I found a dog abandoned
Who couldn't find his way
I brought him home and cleaned him up
And taught him to obey

I found a man with no one
And took him in my care
I told him that I needed him
So he wouldn't go nowhere

But now when I get angry,
As I often may,
I have to hit the man because
The dog has run away

© J.Simon

"The only person he is "really" himself with is me."

From the inside, eating out
Maggots of your discontent
Feeding on your inner self
Feel your insides being rent

Maggots of your discontent
Eat at who you are inside
All the things you know are you
But now you find you have to hide

You had almost found yourself
Who must you be now?
Shove the thoughts a little deeper
When they surface, disavow

Everything you hoped to be
Needs to be rethought
Try to fit the current mold
Remember all that you've been taught

You can be whatever's needed
But you find they won't relent
Will you learn to live forever
With maggots of your discontent?

© J.Simon


maze watch
wonder where
roadblock stop and stare

tunnel deeper
cower low
stall shuffle never go

hide lock
toss the key
walls slam not free

why when
look high
blind walls above sky

© J.Simon


Where you running to?
Where you gonna go?
Whatcha gonna find?

I have to go now,
dontcha know?
I have to go now,
doesn't it show?

Why you going away?
Where will you be?
Who will be there?

I have to go now,
can't cha see?
I have to go now,
will ya leave me be?

Will it be different?
Will it be grand?
Will it be whatcha want,
my little man?

I have to go now,
I've no time for this-
I have to go now,
I'll be living in bliss-

What happened here?
Are you trying to forget?
Can you hear me?
You just gonna split?

I have to go now,
I can't listen just yet-
I have to go now,
I'm somebody's pet.

© R.Lore

I Am Hilarious... (To Me)

I've cut off my nose,
to see it's beauty-

I've shaved my body,
To feel free-

I've held my breath under water,
To be soothed by the darkness-

I've sold all my earthly things,
To show how little I have-

I've been stabbed in the back,
And I relish the thought-

I've left anyone who cares,
To show them I could-

I've beautiful, inspiring pain,
To prove I'm alive-

I've giggled and grinned,
To all that I see-

And why all this laughter?
I'm hilarious to me-

© R.Lore


You're always there for me
When anyone wrongs me
(Even if that anyone is you)

You tell me
How much it hurts you
When you hurt me
(Then why do you hurt me?)

You always show me
How people try to make me do things
Their way, and explain to me
How your way is my own
(I don't know what my own way is anymore)

You helped me see
How that friend of mine
Was trying to change me
Make me be what they wanted
When I thought
They were letting me be myself
(I felt more like myself around them)

You tell me how much you love me
You understand me
Like no one else could ever do
None of my friends
Know me like you
(I wonder why you tell me that?)

You explain to me
How we were meant to be
And it all sounds so right
(Then it all feels like a wrecking ball in my chest)

And I tell you
I love you
I couldn't make it
Without you
(And die inside wanting to try)

© J.Simon

~ B e t w e e n ~

Between your ears-

is where your fantasy lies

Between your eyes-

is where your soul divides

Between your lips-

is where the truth hides

Between your arms-

is where a love could reside

Between me and you-

there's nothing.

© R.Lore

"His plan worked out just fine,
he had a little fun while I was gone, and it helped him realize what was important to him.
Thank you."

Have you ever stayed with someone
Because they made you feel more sane?
All their insecurities
Made your own seem plain?

Someone of a lesser mind
Who believes that they are wise
So you talk in simpler terms
And allow them to advise?

Have you ever stayed with someone
Because you felt they needed you?
And everybody needs someone
So what else can you do?

One who asks you struggle with them
While you're ripping at your seams
Someone who can see your fate -
Who tells you all your hopes and dreams?

Have you ever stayed with someone
Who broke you just to meet their goal?
When, just to get along with them,
You had to throw away your soul?

"You should keep looking. I can't concieve of what that means.
I'm struggling to....heh, struggling. Struggling Bros and Babbling Badly circus. Thats me."

Have you ever ran from someone
Who let you be just who you are?
Who even when you ran away
They never seemed that far?

Have you ever ran from someone
When you knew how much they cared
Cause things so good aren't meant to last
And so you never dared?

Someone who, their thoughtfulness,
You thought a waste on you
Convinced yourself they couldn't care
So what else could you do?

Have you ever ran from someone
When things had just begun
Because you thought that they would leave
As someone else had done?

Have you ever ran from someone
And told yourself it wasn't real
And let yourself believe it was best
Denying what you feel?

Someone who was there for you
But who you pushed away?
Confused and uninformed felt there
Was nothing left to say

Have you ever ran from someone
And left a piece of you behind
A big 'What If?' that lingers
In the corner of your mind?

© J.Simon

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