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404 Error - File Not Found

The annoying little reminders that either someone has miswritten the URL, deleted the file you are looking for, or the net spirits are against you and will see to it you will never find the information you seek.

Below are lists of links to 404 error messages, some with graphics, some ironic in their titles, and some helpful 404 links. The only problem with listing these links is if they (them, those people) realize their links are miswritten, they may correct them and these will all be valid links to who knows what.

404 Error Links

Simple by design

  • Hall of Errors - error page and the homepage is ....strange....
  • Superbad - one of the coolest sites you'll ever see
  • Random 404 message - reload to check them out
  • Dark Squirrel
  • It is pitch black...
  • Bad kitties!
  • Do I have to spell it out?
  • Fray's
  • Big company - simple, cool 404
  • Suspicious 404
  • Always be a gentleman
  • AdVille.com
  • Continental Divide
  • Mario is Lost
  • Frightened Doggy
  • Bomarc
  • Repair Button
  • Brick sold separately
  • Bugger!
  • Options are good
  • I'm getting dizzy
  • Propper link?
  • Sorry
  • It'll be okay
  • File Found
  • Tap your heels together
  • Tablature 404

    Fancier 404's

    Other links about error files

  • SendCoffee's 404 tribute site was the first of its kind.
    Started in 1996, it was written to help people understand the
    404 Error and to showcase those who put some effort into making
    the 404 more than an annoyance.

    ZDNet Website of the Day: 28 June 1998
    USA Today hot sites: Weekend Edition, May 15-17, 1998

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