Second Life Renya's Adventures
Wandering in Linden Skin

    I've been reading Natalia Zelmanov's Second Life blog. I highly recommend it for anyone starting out in Second Life. I've found a lot of pages emphasizing that newbies should get a good 'skin'. The Linden skin is said to be inferior, so I picked up some free skins at Free Dove and Sarah's, two places Natalia Zelmanov recommends for newbies. There are many free things available at both those locations, some you'll love, some you might not need at all.

    I'm a very careful shopper. I don't want an inventory I can't control, so I looked at everything listed before I decided to take it or not. For example, wings - I certainly don't need anymore wings. I have angel wings and butterfly wings. I would like dragonfly wings, but I haven't seen those yet. I did take almost every skin I could get.

    After shopping, I headed to Bisque. That link might not be the exact place, but it's the link I'm giving. When teleporting wasn't working properly during my first couple of days out of Orientation Island, Bisque was where I always ended up. I think Bisque is set as my 'home'. I don't know if I did it or the system, but I get a squishy feeling of home , just mentioning the name. When I get lag, or I go to an island that creeps me out, I teleport to Bisque to recover. I feel safe there.
    Bisque isn't overly developed. It's almost bare. I like to go there to try on new items. There aren't many people - an occassional furry and a few guys in odd sailor-like hats - so, it's a great place to change outfits and not worry if I take off my shirt by mistake!

    On Bisque, I tried on all the skins I'd gathered. I even tried on the skins in my Library folder.

    On a side-note: When I started on Second Life, the Library Folder was not there. It showed up about a week later, right after I'd gone through my Inventory and made everything all nice and clean, then boom! - I have a whole new directory of all sorts of things.

    Library items can't be deleted. I'm not sure I'm happy with that.

    Anyway... I hated all of the skins. Maybe, it was because they were free skins, but they were all horrible - too light, too dark, and the face tatoos made me look like a painted lady.
    I couldn't change the skin-tones and the face tattoos left no options for less makeup. I think I saved one, but only one. The rest, I deleted as soon as I took them off. I'm okay with my Linden skin - atleast for now.

    After the skin aggravation, I decide to go exploring. I found a few cool things...

My first stop was Illusion Factory

Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times...
I took the tour ride, but I didn't see much of interest.

Easier than flying!
I got a free skateboard - that was cool!
You should go just for the free skateboard.

Next, I went to a Linden Island

I am NOT looking up his skirt!
This statue was super-tall!

Creepy-cool plasma thingies
I was afraid to walk up to these, but they were so fascinating!

    I'm going to try building next. I've read a little about it. From what I've read, I'll probably need to take an In-World class.   Wish me luck!


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