Second Life Renya's Adventures
A Toga in Egypt?

    I met up with Bayleh in Ancient Rome tonight. That's where I left off last time. Someone named Amm was talking to her. I don't think English was their first language, but that's the case with a lot of people in Second Life.
    We hung around and chatted with her for a bit, then said we were leaving. Amm wanted to give Bayleh an ice cream. Turns out she gave her a whole ice cream cart!
    I showed Bayleh that room with all the scripts in it. She liked it, too. Then, we decided to visit Egypt. Turns out that's not so easy.

    The World Map was no help at all. I cannot teleport from that thing. I always end up exactly were I was when I started. Tonight, I tried using the Search button - so much easier, and the teleports actually worked.
    Many places had Egypt in their name, but they only had a few Egyptian things, here and there. We didn't find a real Egypt, or as real as it gets, but there were a few areas that were nicely done.

The Romans have conquered Egypt
An Egyptian throne room

    Bayleh loves Hawaii, so we set off to find one. We found Oahu -   SLURL: Oahu 115,77,24   - . It was really nice. When you arrive, you're given a notecard for Hawaiian clothes. You have to open the notecard and click what you want. I thought this was a nice touch. Usually, you're given a bunch of stuff you don't really want or need. Here, you were only given what you picked from the card. Everyone should do this with their free outfits.

    After several trips, I finally found what I really needed - Coffee!   Sure, it was Hawaii, but Kona is great coffee from the islands, right?

Oh, Yeah!
Grass skirt, shell shirt and COFFEE!

    Oahu is a great Hawaiian sim. Next time, I'm going to go surfing!     Aloha!


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