Second Life Renya's Adventures
When in Roma

    I finally made it to Rome -   SLURL: ROMA 215,25,22   - and didn't get stuck when I fell through the road. Actually, I did get stuck, but I teleported away.
    See, the first time I made it to Ancient Rome (I tried a few days ago, but teleporting wasn't working), I was casually walking along when I started to sink into the road. I couldn't stop walking, and I walked right off the edge of the sim. When I finally stopped, I couldn't move. I could turn, but not move. I called it a night.
    Tonight, when I started to sink, I teleported away as quickly as I could, then teleported back to the main coordinates (above). When teleporting is working, it's great. It's good to learn some tricks to help you around. If in trouble, teleport.

    As a side note, there are scripts that can bounce you up into the sky. Some jerk 'bounced' me at Welcome Center Dore the other night. As soon as I realized what happened, I started flying - takes all the fun out of it for them. Those are the two saving things I've learned.

    When I teleported back to Rome, I was a little afraid of sinking, again. I stayed by the fountain for a while. Bayleh showed up, and we posed for a picture. Bayleh had to go, and I wasn't sure I wanted to stick around, but another user coaxed me away. I'm sure glad she did - thanks, Snow!

Bayleh doesn't know where I have the camera
Me and Bayleh by the fountain

When you arrive in Ancient Rome, you can get a free toga. The Roman hairdos are L$40, so I couldn't afford one of those. The hair salon is up the stairs and to the right - all the way at the end of the first market stalls you see.
    It was night, so dark. The introduction said not to mess with the lighting, so I didn't. It was nearly deserted, which was nice. I was free to roam Rome!

Me with a Roman statue
It was a beautiful night in Ancient Rome

    The architecture was lovely and one stop had a lot of really cool scripts. You can wash, wash your toga, climb a ladder to the roof, a bunch of stuff. It was interesting to see what the scripts could do. There were so many scripts crammed into a very small room.
    I traveled the streets, looking into or exploring every open building. I've always wished I could visit ancient Rome, but I can't. It isn't here anymore - well, it is in Second Life!

Roman seating
Lounging in my toga

    I wondered why people would set up a house in Second Life. Visiting Ancient Rome made me realize - you can have anything you want. If I ever had a home in Second Life, it would definitely be a Roman style home. They even have rentals there... maybe?
    I highly recommend making Ancient Rome a stop on your journey. I'll probably go again in the daylight, just incase I missed something!


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