Second Life Renya's Adventures
Making a Second Life Work

    Back on Second Life today. Had to get up early, so I was too awake to go back to sleep and too asleep to get anything productive done. Teleporting was working! I don't know if it has to do with the crash yesterday, but it worked just as I thought it should. I even found out that red arrow goes away if you click it!

    I decided it was time to make some Lindens. I did a search through the classifieds for 'campers'. I've read that camping is frowned upon by residents, but how's a girl to make some Lindens without it? There were tons of seedy looking ads. My first picks were all full, though one that wanted towel-sitters had a bunch of cool stuff for free! I finally have a real pair of Chuck Taylors - well, as real as you can get in Second Life.
    When I found a place with an open camping spot, they also had a job. Okay, so it wasn't much of a job. Sisyphus against a spill of water, is more like it. I did get to keep the mop.

Renya mopping like a good newbie
I mopped for a half-hour and earned L$6

    I really wanted to hit that big ten Linden mark, but couldn't stand watching my poor avatar work so hard. Off I went for another gig. I decided to give a dancing job a try.

Renya shaking her money maker - literally
Me - dancing for money

    I really didn't understand the dancing job. It seemed more odd than mopping an endless spill. There was no one watching the dancing, except a body-guard, who may or may not have actually been present. I danced for 10 minutes, took my L$2 and moved on.

    I also learned how to use the camera controls for appearance editing - click and drag in the direction you want the avatar to turn. Then, click and go up to zoom-in, and down to zoom-out. Great to know. Now I look more like myself and less like a pekingese.

    I went back to the island the system kept sending me to a few days ago. There's a weird, bug-like creature I like, but can't get close to because of a security block. I took a picture with him. The odd grey things on my left are from a fellow who looked like a robot sailor. He was cool, but I forgot his name.

My charming buggy friend
New face - old friend

    I found a great site to send your photos - Snapzilla - you can even email them directly from Second Life.
    Soon, I hope to figure out how to get a Second Life snapshot into my Second Life profile...


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