Second Life Renya's Adventures
I Can't Get Anywhere

    I finally have the DSL working and went into Second Life, ready for the full SL experience. There was a minor problem. Okay, it was a major problem. I couldn't get anywhere!
    That's not entirely true. Every time I entered coordinates to ancient Rome (ROMA 215,25,22), I would end up on an island with pictures of naked people and sexy action poseballs. When I tried to go to Silent Hill (Braunworth 42,119,179), I'd end up somewhere else. Sometimes, I'd enter in coordinates, it would say I was teleporting, and when it was done I was still in the same place!

    I don't think I fully understand teleporting. You have the coordinates. You put them in the right place. Shouldn't you go to where you want to go? It sounds very basic.

Renya with Chickens, a life-study
Me - on some island I didn't mean to go to - with chickens

    Sometimes, I would have this annoying red arrow following me around pointing to my real destination, but that destination was always thousands of metres away. Excuse me, but I'm American, I don't do metres. Also, on the sad occassions I tried to actually fly the distance, I ran into the edge of the sim and couldn't go any further. Yet, the arrow pointed on!

    Bayleh was on and teleported me to an island that reminded me of spam in 3-D. It was called Money Island, or a derivation on that. It was scary. There were signs saying you could make money or win prizes by sitting on things and a running commentary about making money. You couldn't even chat, because the running commentary rambled on about making money filling the chat history.
    The place was packed. It was tacky, filled with people, and I felt a little dirty just being there. I do not recommend it.

    Good news?   I found a tile texture that looks like sneakers! Check them out in the picture above. You'd never know it was a flooring tile.
    Also, I went back to Help Island and got the dance scripts. Now Bayleh and I can dance around like crazy on whatever island we didn't want to go, to which the spirits of Second Life have taken us.
    I also took a hot air balloon ride. I know that goes against my whole, "Why? You can fly!", but it was like the difference between walking and riding in a car. Okay, I'm a bit of a hypocrite, but atleast it wasn't a bi-plane.

    Funniest quote from a friend: I got an IM that said: "I'm stuck in a hamster ball at the bottom of the ocean." But, don't worry. A few minutes later, he IM'd again, "Okay, it disappeared."


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