Second Life Renya's Adventures
My Second - Second Life - Post

    I made it back to Second Life. I still haven't gotten my DSL, so this time it was free-ice-cream-shop wifi. Bayleh met me there and... AND.... I got all my puzzle pieces!

    Second Life reminds me of IRC (internet relay chat for the non-old-school). Two people can be in Second Life (IRC), but be on different Sims (simulators or servers). Bayleh came on, but she was on Orientation Island 82 and I was on Orientation Island 86. She sent a teleport invite, but I didn't notice the different numbers and thought I'd simply walk around to find her. That, of course, didn't work. I sent her a teleport request and she popped right onto my Island 86.
    It wasn't hard to get the puzzle pieces, once I knew I had to get them. You just stand on the coloured circles and do what it tells you to do. Okay, the map one took me forever. I thought it wanted me to track down the coordinates of my location. I keep getting 'invalid location'.
    Then, Bayleh told me you only have to identify what the icon that represents you looks like. I was waaaayyy over-thinking it.

    While wandering about, a guy in white pants and a white bra walked past. I'm sure I'll see crazier things there, but it struck me as odd, so I IM'd Bayleh and told her to check it out. Not only did she look, she walked right up to him and gave him a whistle! I don't know if it's possible for an avatar to do it, but I swear when he walked away, he gave us a dirty look over his shoulder!
    With all the pieces, my key to Second Life appeared and Bayleh and I went to Help Island. We weren't there very long, but I picked up a house or two, a bunch of textures for my project, and some black wings.
    While I was shopping, I forgot to click a window accepting my merchandise and got my arm stuck in the air with little balls of light coming from it. I tried to walk away, not knowing what was wrong, but my arm stayed in the air with the lights going from it to the item I had been purchasing. Bayleh said, "What are you doing? You look like something from Harry Potter!"

    I think Bayleh got one of everything! She shopped liked a pro, then went outside to chat. When I met Bayleh outside, there was a guy hovering his brand new bi-plane, most annoying. You can fly, already! Why would you need a bi-plane?

    I was thrilled with all my new stuff, so I tried to find a dance move that would look like a good happy  dance. You know, like when you get something great and do a silly dance? (maybe, it's just me?) The end result was while everyone's talking I broke into a bizarre dance move (gestures dance #1). I laughed so loud, people in the ice cream shop looked up!

    Sadly, or maybe for the best, the sim announced it was going down right after that. Maybe, my awesome dance moves crashed it?     Till next time....


© Renya Heron