Second Life Renya's Adventures
Back on Second Life

    I had to take a break from Second Life for the holidays. When I tried to get back on - I couldn't. I tried logging on. I could never connect. Seems every time I went to the logon screen, there was a notice that a recent 'downtime' had been fixed. Still wouldn't let me on. I saw myself - my avatar - in the same jazz joint for the last six months. I could see myself standing there, but never get on. It was sad.

Drinking coffee at a jazz joint
You know the coffee's good when it glows

    I really missed my avatar. I didn't think I would, hadn't even considered it, but it was like missing a friend who moved away and you can't get in touch with them. I tried telling myself not to bother with it. No more Second Life, so what?
    It didn't work. I couldn't imagine myself not being able to be her ever again. I have read about people whose avatars/accounts simply stopped working and they have to resign with a new name. I didn't want to do that. I like Renya Heron. It's like my nickname and I want to keep it. I'm surprised I was so invested in something I really didn't bother with that much.
    Last night, I was about to shut down my computer and thought, 'Maybe I should give Second Life a try?' IT WORKED!
    I immediately dropped the glowing coffee cup and got out of the jazz club! Where to? HOME! ...and my little purple friend. I missed him sooooo much!

My old friend!
He missed me, too. I know he did.

    After visiting my friend, I took off to see what was going on. After about an hour and not seeing ONE PERSON - not one! I used the map to see where everyone was. I found a cajun club with a few people, went in, danced a little, but the music wasn't streaming well and the lighting was too bright. Yes, I could have changed my settings, but it seems a club would set it themselves. Off again.
    It was late night, early morning (real time) and it seemed there were only 'adult' things going on. Not my cup of tea, so I headed back to my home location.

    Bayleh hasn't been on in months, either. She's been hard at work getting degrees and such in RL. I did my Happy Dance<TM> and sent her a postcard.

Happy Dance
It doesn't look it, but I was dancing, really

Hopefully, we'll meet up for adventure real soon.    


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