Second Life Renya's Adventures
General Goofiness

    Bayleh and I went hair shopping. I've probably mentioned it before, but I'm not much of a shopper - not in RL at least. I get what I came for and leave. I know, very un-girly of me. But then, I never had to shop for hair. I never really had to shop for skin, skin products, but not actual skin. I probably do more shopping in Second Life than I do in real life.
    Bayleh finally had enough cash for some new flexi hair. We, of course, went to Sirena's. There are tons of places with nice hair, but I like Sirena's and there was a style I wanted to show Bayleh.
    Turned out, Bayleh didn't care what I liked and picked a really nice hair she fell in love with. This is her new look. It's smashing!

Looking good, girl!
Bayleh's new look

    We decided to take our new looks on walk-about - or tele-about. I wanted to see an Escher exhibit, but when we got to the landmark we couldn't find it anywhere.
    We did, however, find a giant hamster wheel!
    It was great fun! Give it a whirl, yourself, here

Momma said there'd be days like this!
I want one of these in RL

    I also branched out from making strange scifi objects for my projects into clothing! Okay, not really, but I did make myself a Judgement Boy shirt.

I am Judgement Boy!
Not perfect, but it's mine

    If you know who Judgement Boy is and want one, get in touch with me in-world, I'll give you one. Anything for another GHS fan!


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