Second Life Renya's Adventures
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Weird day on Second Life. Things actually ran backwards of my title, so for the sake of continuity, I'm going to reverse the order.

The Ugly

    When I first logged on today, I found out Bayleh had paid me L$50! I asked her why, and she said she'd made a bunch camping and knew I was saving up for prim hair. Feeling a little guilty for taking her money, I decided to go mop or scrub for a while.
    I went to EliteWorldGold. A few days ago, they turned off the homeless camping script. Today, they lowered their pay rates from L$3 for 15 minutes to L$1 for ten minutes! I decided it was time to find a new 'job'.
    I tried the usual search terms, camping, campers, etc. and couldn't find anything that looked good. There are lots of camping places, but some of them aren't the kind of places I'd like to go. I finally found a beautiful place with plenty of camping spots. I really like it, so this time I'm not going to put the slurl. If you want to find it, it's on Dark Diamond.
    The area was really nice, but I didn't rez well. I don't know why, but my shirt and jeans never detailed, and the longer I stayed the more my appearance started to smear. I tried redressing myself, but it didn't work.
    I think it's a cursed island that turns campers into zombies - but, that's just a theory. This is a picture of me before I left. This isn't a picture taken while I was re-rezzing. This is what I looked like the whole time.

Creepy Renya mopping
Zombie mopping camper

The Bad

    Creeped out by my appearance, I decided to try one of the 'popular' camping sites. Lucky me, it was under a grief attack. There were flying ninja turtle heads everywhere. There was a creepy screaming sound going on. The chat was spammed, so the screen filled with the griefer's taunt.
    The screen spamming was fairly easy to deal with. If you end up at a grief attack with chat spam, simply click 'Chat', then 'History'. That puts all the spamming text into a smaller window, so you can see where you are and where you are going. Well... except for the ninja turtle heads, I still had to find my way around them.
    I decided to go outside the building, this was a mistake. Outside, instead of ninja images flying around, there were ninja cubes. I couldn't walk through the cubes, and if I got too close they would bounce me. The screaming was getting on my nerves, so I turned down my volume. It might have been a coincidence, but as soon as I did, I started spinning in a circle like a possessed person. I turned the volume on again and stopped spinning.
    I tried to report the grief, but the report form wanted me to tell them who was causing the trouble. How should I know? The 'username' in the chat spam wasn't legit. I put my own name in that box and explained why in the report. Hopefully, I won't be suspended. I've barely learned to build anything   yet. I certainly couldn't put on an attack!
    Below is the grief attack, but the ninja turtles didn't show in my snapshot. I asked around and found out, if you need to report a grief, use the name Philip Linden in the form.

Bad words were blurred out
Imagine ninja turtle heads flying everywhere...

The Good

    Finally, the Good!
    I was playing around with the Map HUD. I clicked to show events and saw a mall opening. It had to be better than being in the middle of a huge grief attack, so I teleported away.
    Apparently, the event hadn't started yet, so I walked around the mall, then off towards the water. Someone said 'Hi, Renya', but I didn't see anyone. That happens a lot to me, so I just say 'Hi' back.
    This time, the person showed themselves. It was a girl named Dana. She was working on her house. She hadn't put a door on her building, yet. I'm not sure how she saw me walk past, but she came out and opened a door for me.
    She has a huge building, sparcely furnished, with an animated cloud ceiling she said served as her dance floor.
    Dana was nice and answered a bunch of my newbie questions about land and building. But, of course, she hated my Linden hair. Linden hair is awfully plain. I told her I was saving up for prim hair and she pulled out some of her inventory for me to have a look.
    I explained how picky I am about my hair. I really appreciated her offer, but I wanted bangs. For some reason, bangs are hard to come by in Second Life.

    On an aside: Everyone looks fabulous in Second Life, seriously. They have beautiful flexi hair and clothes. I don't really want to look fabulous. I have nothing against it, it's simply not me. I'm not the kind who dresses like a vampy cat on Halloween. I'm more likely to look like my zombie picture above. I do,   however, want better hair.

    Dana and I talked a while, then a friend of hers showed up, so I decided it was time to leave. As I walked off I got a notice that Dana had paid me L$150!! She sent an IM, saying it was to help me towards my prim hair! I felt a little awkward, but she assured me I should think nothing of it - just a little help from a new friend. It was so nice, I didn't really know what to say, besides 'Thank you!'

    I purposely didn't put Dana's full name, because I don't want a bunch of newbies showing up on her doorstep looking for a hand-out. That is, if she had a door...

    I immediately headed to Sirena's, but bought a different hair than I'd planned. I really like it. I didn't like the eyebrows on the included 'bald head' - they were too bushy for me. I edited my appearance settings, so I wouldn't have hair, and saved it as my personal bald head.

Prim hair and Linen skin
I think this hair is called Penelope

    My new hair is flexi, with bangs, but will take a little getting used to. I'm heading towards fabulous, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.


© Renya Heron