Second Life Renya's Adventures
Second Life - This is not a game

    Since I started on Second Life, I've been asked a lot, 'What's the point of the game?' Even I say I play   Second Life, but it really isn't a game.
    If you tell someone it isn't a game, they freak out. "Oh, it's serious?" "It's real to you?" The opposite of game   is not 'real' or 'serious'. Game is a noun. It doesn't have an opposite. The closest to an opposite would be 'work', not 'real'.
    Just because you say something isn't a game, does not mean it's something to which you've dedicated your life. It simply means: It isn't a game.

If Second Life isn't a game, what is it?

    Second Life is a virtual reality. It's really that simple, but few people have a true grasp of virtual reality and, afraid they wouldn't understand, they mock it as a silly concept. "It's walking around in a make-believe world."

Yes.   Yes, it is!   Do you understand that?

    Second Life is the ability to walk (or fly!) around in a make-believe world. It is the ability to make things, use things, buy things, sell things, build things, in a make-believe world. It is the ability to talk to people from all over the world, visit places created by others, play games (yes, there are games in   Second Life), explore virtual representations of actual real-world places, all in a make-believe world. All this, through an avatar - a figure that represents you in that world. It's a vast landscape of virtual places where you can come and go as you please. It's a world to be explored. It's like remote viewing another world through your avatar. If that still sounds like a game, or silly, to you - Second Life is not for you.

    Okay, now on with our program.

    Bayleh and I went to EliteWorldGold, again. It was nearly deserted, with all the mopping and scrubbing jobs open. I was walking around and noticed a pile of newspapers in a doorway. There was camping text right above them. Curious, I clicked to sit. I could get paid for being homeless!

I'm waaay over-dressed for this
L$3 to sleep in a doorway?

    I slept there for a while, then decided if I really wanted to look the part, I should change my outfit. I put on my 'beatup jeans', my Lost t-shirt, and took off my shoes and fancy necklace. Much more appropriate!

Trying to look the part
I'm wearing my Lost t-shirt - get it?

    Bayleh decided to try the scrubbing job.

That's me in the back
Bayleh scrubs while I sleep in a doorway

    After a while, we racked up some Lindens and broke into our Happy Dances.

We made some Lindens
Me and Bayleh, doing the Happy dance!

    With some cash in our pockets, we decided to head to Sirena's to see if I could find some Flexi Hair I liked. I had read about 'grief attacks', but this is the first one I've seen. The huge dollar bills were flying everywhere. You had to walk through them and sometimes you couldn't see until they passed. I sent a postcard of it to the slpics page to document it.

Sirena's under grief attack
I'm guessing they're anti-capitalism?

    It gave Bayleh a headache. She went across the street to the bookstore, but I really wanted to see the hair, so I toughed it out. I found one I love - LeAnn - but it's L$195 - more than double what I had. I got the demo, and it looked good even with the giant 'demo' box floating above my head!

    On a side note: Bayleh went to my home spot and found out the security fence was down around my little pink friend. I say 'pink', even though he's more red and purple than pink. She sent me a postcard teasing me, because she could walk right up to him! I went there immediately and took a picture with him.

I shall call him, Snorkle!
Isn't he cute?

    I wanted to IM his creator, but I was too afraid if I hung around the fence would come back up and I'd get bounced. Maybe, next time?


© Renya Heron