Second Life Renya's Adventures
How's a Girl to Make Some Lindens?

    A fews days ago, I sent an IM to Yadni Monde. He wasn't on Second Life at the time, but I was still alittle afraid to do it - he's Yadni, after all. I'm just some newbie who hasn't even signed up for full Second Life residency. But, I had a question that I knew he would be able to answer, and I didn't know who else to ask.
    One of the main things I need to realize my science fiction game complex in Second Life, is tools that can 'morph'. I don't know if 'morph' is the right word, but if you've ever played a text-based RPG, you've likely attached A to B and it turned into C.

Could items in Second Life be scripted to do the same?

    Since I've only been in SL for about a month, I didn't know if this was possible. If it wasn't, I didn't know how I could make my complex. It was the burning question, so I sent it off to Yadni.

He said, "Yes."

    That was all he said, but that was enough.   Yes.   Yes, it could be done!

    He didn't say how, but I probably wouldn't have understood, if he did. I can learn that when I'm ready. I set out to make some of the tools for my game - only three - A, B and C. If I ever run into Yadni, maybe he will show me how. I wanted to have items in my inventory, just incase.

A Swiggun, Tuskor and Luffraw - names subject to change
Those things behind me, that's what I'm making

    I went to a sandbox I have landmarked to make them - !!!Alien Nation Sandbox. After I made the second item and the button that goes on it, I realized I had no idea how to attach the button to the item!
    I stood there looking at them for a while. There were a few other people in the sandbox. Would they bounce me for asking such a simple question?
    Well, I figured, there's more than one sandbox in Second Life... so, I asked.
    A guy name Rehman, told me how:
You right-click on one item and go to 'edit', then hold down shift and click the other item. Under the tool menu click 'link'. The items were linked!
    I'll probably have to unlink them to add a script to the button, but there's an unlink   option under the tool menu as well.

    Now, if I write a script for these, I can upload it and add it to the item... but, uploading cost Lindens. I don't have Lindens.
    I read somewhere that even free accounts get Lindens after you've been signed up for a while, but they must have stopped that, because I haven't gotten any. I also read (on the postcards) that you get Lindens if the people you send postcards to sign-up, but two of the people I sent postcards to signed up, and I didn't get any Lindens.

It's hard to get Lindens!

    I decided to camp. I don't know how else to make money (well... I do, but I'm not doing it), until I sign up for full residency.

Who needs sunblock?  Just sunbathe in your clothes!
I sunbathed for a while...

I like this photo
I sat on a bench, because the mopping jobs were taken...

    Mopping is the best paying job I've found in-World. It pays L$3 for 15 minutes. Great work, if you can find it. Scrubbing pays the same, but it's hard work.

Oh, the humanity!
Selling my dignity for L$3

Against my better judgement, I'm going to give the slurl: EliteWorldGold - if you see me wandering around looking for a mopping gig, give a girl a break, okay?     Before I left the last camping site, I took a seat at the Security kiosk.

Let me see your credentials!
I wasn't paid for this

    I made about L$7. Not much, but I really didn't put too much effort into it.
    I won't be able to sign-up for full residency for a few months - I have too much going on right now for it to be worth it - so, I guess I'll just camp around SL till then?


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