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Gallery of Free Skin

    I mentioned trying on a bunch of free skins in one of my posts, and I said I hated every one. Thought I should show you some of the free skins available, so you can see what I mean.
    My biggest problem is way too much makeup on almost all of the face tattoos (except on the Insolence skin - which could use more).

    These are all free skins I picked up at The Isle of Sicily inc Perppermin, Sicily (114,97,43). Again, except Insolence. I think I got that at Sarah's. I don't like them, but you may.

    I picked up quite a few, and these are the ones I kept.

    If you go the the Sicily slurl above, you'll see beach balls scattered about, those are full of tons of cool freebies. I'm simply not happy with the skins.

    I don't know why my neck has black lines with some skins. Maybe, it didn't go on properly? I looked for the 'rebaking' I'd heard of, but couldn't find it.


Me in my Linden skin
This is what I look like in my Linden skin

Insolence skin

    This is from a real skin seller. Notice the detail in the collar bone. If I could put a little more makeup on this one, I might be happy with it.
    I love the collar bone detail!

This is Shaylie. The makeup is harsh and the eyebrows are creepy, but the bustline is wonderful. Again, nice body, bad face tattoo.
This is a bit generic

This is called 'Cami', but it doesn't look like a skin so much as someone's appearance settings for skin-tone and makeup.
I couldn't find a name for this one, but it's by Munchflower Zaius

For a skin and face tattoo with too much makeup, this one isn't bad. The collar bones are very nice. This is by Munchflower Zaius. It would be great for an '80's retro party. ;)
Grey lipstick

This one and the next two are about the same. I have lipstick in these colours, but it's too retro to wear, plus the skin is too light.
Black lipstick

Black lipstick - I like this one for a fancy look
Blue lipstick

Blue lipstick and slightly darker eye makeup
Grrr.... I am Judy!

This one was name Judy, but I renamed it Angry. How fierce! Who would want to look this angry all the time?

These are the odd ones I kept ----->
Notice my tear... doesn't that mean I killed someone
This is a Gothic skin

Nice, but not with this outfit
This is a Blade Runner skin

Yes, I kept this.  No, I don't know why.
This is a 'Dark Elf' skin

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