Second Life Renya's Adventures
    These are my adventures in Second Life. This will have spoilers throughout, so if you don't want them, stop reading now. The first spoiler is coming right now.

My First Visit to Second Life

    You arrive in Second Life naked! I guess it's a hat-tip to starting a new life, but it was both surprising and disturbing. It takes a few seconds for your clothes to appear - enough time that I wondered if I would have to walk around naked, until I found clothes.
    Worse yet, as I stood there after my clothes appeared, other naked people popped out of nowhere beside me. Actually, they jumped into existence. Some took off as soon as they landed. Others stood there, like me, a little stunned.

    I decided to edit my appearance first. This took forever. I had chosen the 'girl next door'. I arrived with giant lips. Actually, I had a huge nose and giant lips. I used to know someone who looked a lot like the face I was given, but it wasn't me.
    You can change just about every aspect of your appearance. The nose options alone are intricate. I don't know what the upper or lower bridge of my nose looks like - does it go in or out? Every detail is covered.

    After about an hour with my face, I moved on to my outfit. I don't understand how, but they don't have any decent shoes - not that I could find. I'm not a big shoe fan, but a Converse-like option would have been nice. I couldn't find any sneakers. Maybe, I just didn't look hard enough.
    The textures for curly hair are lacking as well. I always wanted straight hair anyway.

    Satisfied with my appearance, I started walking around. This is harder than it sounds. I ran into many, many people. I used the arrow keys, but I staggered like a drunk most of the time.

    I saw someone flying and decided to give it a try. It's very good that you can't drown. I would have been dead several times. Everytime I tried to go over water, it seemed to pull me down into it.
    I flew around the island, landing in a fall and brushing myself off. Then, I found out you can land by stopping and using the page-down key to lower yourself to the ground.

    I flew from place to place and did a little exploring. I drove a car off the road and got it stuck. I drove a Segway into another person. I landed, from flying, in the ocean, on steep hills, and sometimes where I actually intended!

    The people there seemed very chatty. If I stood still for more than a few seconds, someone would start talking to me. Most spoke English, but there was a poor fellow wandering about looking for someone who spoke French. I can speak it, but I can't type it.

    I flew over to the castle and decided to look around it thoroughly. There was a chair there. I wanted to sit in it. I saw others do it. It took me several tries, but I finally sat in the chair!

My first Second Life postcard
I was so happy, I sent out postcards of me in the chair.

    The fellow next to me is in Editing Appearance mode. I think he wanted to sit in the chair, but I was too pleased with myself to get up. I guess he got bored and decided to edit.

    Back at the main area, I noticed a blinking pink area on the floor and went over to it. A message came up saying I had completed one part of my orientation. I didn't know I had to complete things!
    No, I didn't read the instructions on the screen.
    I spent three hours goofing off, only to find out there are four puzzle pieces you have to finish to get off Orientation Island. I could have spent weeks there, if I hadn't decided to walk over to the blinking pink area of the floor!

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