Second Life Bayleh's Adventures

    I got hair!!!!

    Okay, normally I would just grow my own, but Renya has such a beautiful head of hair that I just had to get some of my own. Renya took me to the shop where she bought hers. I got this really cute, shoulder length, cinnamon color, and Jamaican beads to boot!

    And... Renya made me a manatee shirt!

Styling my new look
The new me

    I kept complaining to her that all of the shirts were black. Like the good sister she is, Renya made me a tee in teal - with my ripped up jeans it looks totally cool!
    Anyone can fill their closet up with all kinds of clothes, if they know where to look. All you have to do is type in freebies and clothes. Renya and I share a lot of clothes, jewelry, and such. Well, I must run. Time to wash my new 'do.

    Until later, chow...   Bayleh


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