Second Life Bayleh's Adventures
Bayleh and Hawaii

    Oahu, Hawaii 115,77,24- volcanos, green grass... Hawaii is beautiful with all the palm trees blowing in the tropical breeze. I met up with Ren there for drinks and relaxation. There is a island center for IZ- he is the most wonderful Hawaiian singer in the world. I highly recommend hearing his music if you have the time. He sings beautifully.

Enjoying some java
Me and Renya, relaxing in Hawaii

    I tried to go surfing but didn't have much luck. I did however use a boat and powered my way out to the open sea. What a beautiful scene it was. Hawaii is one island I recommend for all visitors.

Taking a spin in my boat
This was much easier than surfing

    You can float over the volcanos and land in the soft, green grass. I liked wearing a hula skirt and dancing. Don't forget to try one of the islands tasty drinks... so until we met again- as they say in Oahu- Aloha, Bayleh


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