Second Life Bayleh's Adventures
Roma isn't just tomatoes anymore....

    Renya took me to Roma tonight... she had to teleport me to the toga shop - I couldn't find it and flying was out. Not that I don't know how to fly, but you just can't there.
    I kept finding myself walking into hills, buildings and waterways. I finally got my toga on - it was the fancy one with blue coloring on the top... The gold cord was cool, but I kept my clothes on under it all.

    Renya and I walked around for a while and explored several of the sites. The fountain was great, except whenever Renya tried to snap my picture I either was looking the other way or walking in circles. Yes, I still resemble someone a little drunk when I try to walk. I'm getting better, but I couldn't run a race, yet.
    I had to leave early, but showed up the next night and waited for Renya at the Roma fountain. While there, I met someone named Amm. She seemed pretty nice, and we talked about the different things in SL and how neither one of us liked exploring some of the "mature" islands.
Renya finally appeared, and Amm offered us both some ice cream. I didn't take just a cone, I took the whole ice cream cart! Don't really know how I did it, but it's in my inventory. After our good byes to Amm, Ren and I walked around Roma.

    One of the strangest sights in Roma was the script room... it was pretty cool, and you got to try all things from washing your toga, to scrubbing the floor.
    Outside, if your speakers are up, you can hear the fire crackling and the water running. There is also a donation pot for one to donate urine. Guys and Girls all use the same pot and all stand when giving a donation. Yes, it was kinda of strange, but with all the running water in the background one must do what one must do...

    Then, we decided to visit Egypt...

Where's the camera?
A cool seat I found in Egypt

    Egypt, while interesting, wasn't all that exciting, and we didn't stay very long. The beaches were nice, with lots of interesting things to do. You could even play backgammon, if you wanted.

Lounging by the beach
Me - back in my regular clothes

    Yes, we walked around and saw all the different sites, but we wanted more excitment so we headed to Hawaii.

    More on that later...  Bayleh


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