Second Life Bayleh's Adventures
I Don't Like Being Poor in Second Life

    Hi everyone, I finally made a third trip to Second life and was even more confused than before I met Renya and Ast (aka the Winged One) on Orientation Island- yes, for some reason we all were back there again. Renya teleported out, then teleported us to her.
    It seemed like almost every island we went to was Mature or boring. I tried to teleport back to Help Island - I can dance, but Renya missed the sale on that skill, so we set off to find her some dancing feet. I got stuck half way between teleporting out and staying where we were and had to sign off and re-enter the world.

    We tried to get to Rome and instead found ourselves in some place called "Romaneo". It also was a mature island. It was really neat looking and seemed like a beach resort type of community. The Winged One got kicked out of someones house. Yes, breaking and entering is illegal in Second Life, also.
    However, the Winged One and I got into this really cool house, but when I turned on the television it was full of porno titles. I left, rather quickly.

    We went to Money Island. It turned out to be full of ATM's, and if you clicked on them you had to take an online survey to get free money. Nothing is free, if you have to buy something else...

    Maybe on another day I will find Money Tree Island, where money grows on trees, or get back to help island. Maybe, I'll even find a job. Until later, chow...     Bayleh


© Bayleh Janus