Second Life Bayleh's Adventures
My Continuing Adventures in Second Life

    Okay, so I get a call from Renya to meet her on the island at 7:00, well 7:30 rolls around and I still haven't found her. I sent her a message (after shouting of course) to see where she is and find out she's right where I am. After several attempts to find her, we realize she is on a different island. Finally she teleports me to her and our adventure begins.

    We finally got all of our puzzle pieces and the key to unlock the next island, when we spot "bra boy". No lie, a guy is standing there in nothing but pants and what looked like a bra. So I, of course, walked over to get a better look, and then I let out a whistle. Didn't think he could really hear me while he was changing, but Renya swears he gave us a nasty look on his way out of the area. Oh well, bra boy deserved the whistle...

    When we got to the first island- yes, we went to different ones and yes, Renya teleported me to the one she was on- the first place we stopped was the freebie store.

My new wings
Me with my new wings.

    Not only can you buy things for your house, but they have hair and angel wings. There was this really cool looking guy with white wings so, me being me, I told him I liked his wings.
    The store was neat except for some guy with a plane who kept asking how to fly it. The trip was great, and I hope to return soon.

    Oh yeah, ask Renya about her latest dance moves..     Bayleh


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