Second Life Bayleh's Adventures
My First Visit to Second Life

    Hi everybody, this is Bayleh Janus here. I just wanted to share a few a things about my first few visits to the island...
    I didn't stay long the first time as I was trying to learn to walk- yes, I look like someone that had just a few too many (still do as a matter of fact). I came up to this really cool statue and bumped into this guy there. He started doing something that looked like he was playing the piano and I just assumed he wanted to start a band or something, so I signed off. I later found out that he was just trying to write something and not playing music- boy, did I laugh (yes, at myself of course).

    When I returned the second time I made some changes to my appearance. Got to love the hair- and came out with arms the length of a ape... Maybe that's why the hair is so bad- to take up for the mistakes one makes in the appearance department.

    I learned to fly- after I almost drowned myself by falling into the water. I often find myself walking on the sides of mountains, bridges, and such, but what do you expect from someone just learning to walk.
    I went to the area where you could drive and ran over one of the rats yuck!! I left there after I took flying lessons, so the rats didn't plan a mutiny and attack me.     If you visit there watch out - the rats are every where...

    Got to run. There's more to learn and a lot more fun to be had. Oh yeah, if anyone knows how to buy some hair let me know...


© Bayleh Janus