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I enjoy playing 3D games/deathmatch, below are 4 wads created by Send Coffee.
I've never enjoyed a really large wad, nor any wads with too many things to run into
or get stuck in. So instead of complaining, we made wads that are for fast action
death-matching. Download and frag away!

more screenshots can be found on Minor Sage's page

File NameTitle & DescriptionScreen Shot
Shotgun Espresso
This wad has a large courtyard going into a smaller one, new music, a teleporteror telefragger (depending on how fast you are), plenty of lifts with goodies on themand alot of running room. Single/co-op/DM
doom I -mapE1M1 -"and we actually changed the textures". This wad has lots of running room forfragging, a teleporter, new music, and will produce a high frag count! Monsters includedfor single or co-op play.
doom I -mapE1M6 -This wad created by MorJava (me) and has some serious modifications madeto this level from original DooM level. New music, teleporters, several rooms, and monstersfor single/co-op play.
This wad was created by Minor Sage, it has a large courtyard w/few buildings and a really cool runway with stairs. New music, highly modified level. Good fraggin' fun! New sky created fromscratch by MorJava. Single/co-op, but best in DeathMatch ofcourse.

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     DooM News

Since the release of the source code for DooM, DooM II, & Ultimate DooM, from id Software,
there have been alot of ports for DooM. So far, Legacy seems to be for me, the best.
I prefer to keep DooM as close to the original as possible, Legacy seems to believe that
as well. Below are a list of the most popular ports available.

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