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Back in the days when 'folders' were called what they actually are - directories - and you could see the extensions of your files without changing the default, there was an operating system that worked with you, not against you.

Unbelieveable? Maybe, but true.

Windows 3.1 didn't treat you like a child. It didn't hide your file information or give things cute names to make them more 'user friendly'. It isn't a huge, bloated operating system filled with unnecessary code. It is simple and basic, yet still very useful.

As long ago as 1996 there were comments that 3.1 was only useful for word processing. I believe those who say that are either afraid of computers and need the child-like references of newer versions of Windows, or they were embarassed that they updated to fault-ridden versions of Windows like 95, ME, 2000, etc.

These pages provide some detail about my current (working) 3.1 system.

EDIT: This system has since passed on.
Sadly, I could not find parts to repair it

I don't have links to software, because I don't want to have to update them as frequently as it would require.

If you have any questions about Win3.1, you can ask me - minor_sage at this domain, if it doesn't show below. I can't guarantee I'll know the answer, but I'll give it a shot. I can only tell you from my experience.

The navigation bar above has details for my system. Your results may vary.

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