What's a webpage?

I would categorize webpages into two classes - business and personal. Though these classes actually overlap, with really almost all webpages being a form of promotion, I will class in 'business' only those selling an obvious product.

Business pages serve a purpose. Most at least, though if Mom & Dad's Discount Car Parts doesn't accept mail-orders, I don't see why they have a webpage. Maybe just for laughs.
(Don't look them up, I just made that name up).

So, on to personal webpages. A majority of the personal webpages are just someone talking about themselves. Then, there are those who talk about other things, such as their favorite cartoon character, or have their page dedicated to their favorite music group, or their favorite animal. While dedicating your personal webpage to a cartoon character or music group would be a form of promotion for the program or group, I don't think many people realize it. They see it more as a hobby, while some border on religion.

There are pages with an altruistic view. Those that offer information on personal health, spiritual health, etc., but again, they are also promoting their own ideas of how to achieve health. Then there are the pages where you can get things. These are the only pages that really aren't promoting anything. Wavs, aus, gifs, all for the taking. I don't understand the motivation of these, but I do appreciate these people.

When deciding to make a personal webpage I think it's best to realize your motivation. Why do you want one? If you want one just to have a presence on the web, or because 'lots of people have webpages, why shouldn't you?', then you have to decide what you want people to see about you.
Those who dedicate their webpage to something else, some area of interest have the easiest task. All they have to do is find a bunch of information about what subject, character, person, etc. interests them and format a page. There, like with any hobby, but on a much grander scale, they can find others who share the same interest. United in their love of Milky Quartz rocks, they can share stories of their greatest finds and how they clean and display their collection. Those who decide they have found the secret to eternal life in eating pencil lead (yes, I know, it's graphite), can do lengthy pages converting all their visitors to pencil-munching Eternals . Those who believe the secret to all that ails you is apple cider vinegar (no, I'm not making fun of this) can list the ailments they themselves were cured of for all the world to see.
The only remaining category is personal webpages without one subject of dedication, which means the owner is the subject of dedication. These are the ones that either fly or fall depending on content. If your only interest is you, you will have a webpage with gifs of you. You with long hair, you with short hair, you with your guitar, you boring me and making me hit the backarrow to get away as fast as I can and wishing I could charge you for my wasted time.
Some pages are dedicated to the artistic endeavors of their owner. Their art or their writing, anything else could be sold, so that would be classed with business. These pages can sometimes be simple, with a few gifs of the artistic work, just for display and comment, or they can be very lengthy with almost complete novels or rambling writings with no point, and pictures that seem unfinished. The simple displays and good writing get noticed, but rarely anything comes of it, so though it is promotion in a sense, it is more of a display. And, sometimes a display is simply a display.
The remaining pages are dedicated to their owner completely, or I should say their complete owner. They have humor (if they have some sense of it) perhaps art, writing, interests....these seem rarer, but this was my goal on deciding to make a webpage. I didn't want just my having an iguana to be the center of my webpage, or my favorite band, or my favorite snack food. I wanted a complete webpage. Why? Because I have looked for me on the net before. I have found a piece here, a piece there, but I was never there. I have looked for people on the net that share common interests with me, but found only bits of interest on this page or that. But, I know there are more of me. Well, not really exactly like me, but enough that we can take over the world easily, with little fuss. We won't argue over what colour the uniforms of our underlings will be, we will all agree that as long as it's a nice fall colour, it's ok. There will be no disagreement on the burning of all mystery novels, lawyer thrillers and bad horror. When we set up the retraining schools for all those who have been poisoned with pop-knowledge<tm>, there will be no arguments on the subjects taught - deprogramming those infected will be a group effort taken on without need of voting or consultation with others. We will all understand that each of us brings to the group a better understanding of certain areas of our plan and with that knowledge the world will be ours.

Now see, that's what a good webpage will do for you.

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