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Since 1998 we've been the premiere site for coffee gifts on the internet.

      As we move to a different business model, we're using what we've learned to help you find great coffee gifts online. Some gifts are our own:
Coffee Art and Coffee Shirts are under the 'Our Products' on the menu. These are Send Coffee original items.

      We've also looked through the large selection of coffee products. We picked and chose the items we thought we'd love, because we think you'll love them, too!
For coffee and all the yummy goodies that go with it, go to Coffee & Treats. For everything else coffee related, go to our All That's Coffee<tm> page.

      We'll add more products as we move forward. For coffee related things, like design products, if we like it, we'll add it.
      For Send Coffee Approved® coffee or coffee related foods, additions will only be products we've tried ourselves. This isn't a link exchange. A great Amazon rating could get a product listed, but trying it and loving it will always work. You can trust an item is high quality and tasty when it's Send Coffee Approved®.

      If you are a vendor who would like Send Coffee Approved® status, drop us a line, and we'll let you know what you need to do.

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