Global Warming

So, you've heard all about Global Warming, right?

  • The majority of scientist agree
  • Humans are the cause
  • Only crazy people disagree
  • If you think any of those statements are true, you really don't know anything about Global Warming. If you'd like to continue to live in ignorance, please leave now.
    Maybe, stop by the Elephant Lie on your way out.

    Seriously, you won't like this page. Go set up a carbon offset account. Prepare to pay your carbon tax. Genuflect to Al Gore. This page will make you angry, because you will see that everything you believe is a lie. You'll either have to face that fact and decide to learn the truth, or deny it and get angry that anyone would question your beliefs.

    Okay, who's left?   Oh, you. Okay. Thanks for staying.

    You probably want to know what this is all about, this opposition to something that you hear, every day, is a fact. Global Warming, as it's called, is simply a climatic cycle. That's it.

    You want more? All right, there are tons of sites with information about the scam they call Global Warming. You can read the facts:

  • Global Warming Sceptic
  • Climate Depot
  • There's enough information on those sites to convince anyone that Global Warming is a fraud. Too much information, really. Who wants to read all that? If you do, great. If not, read the transcript from Glenn Beck's special - Exposed: The Climate of Fear. Still too much? Here's a summary of what's going on:
  • Scientist get grants and funding ($) to studying things that may cause problems. If they make something seem really bad, they will get more money to study just how bad it is or will be.

  • Government bodies like taxes ($). If they say something people want to do is bad, like... drive their car, heat their house, etc. they can tax them for doing it.

  • The Media (tv, newspapers, magazine) need viewers/readers to get advertising ($). They need to frighten people, because frightened people watch/read more news. Remember the Shark Attack Summer hype?

  • Al Gore is still mad he lost the election. Since saying he invented the internet (yes, he did) didn't work, he wants to be known as The Man Who Saved Planet Earth.
  • Why the hard push for Global Warming acceptance?

    Scientists are losing their jobs for calling Global Warming a scam. People are being called 'Global Warming deniers' - a reference to those who deny the Holocaust. Free speech against Global Warming claims is being stifled. Why?

    The normal warming cycle has come to an end. If the Global Warming activists do not get their regulations in place quickly, they will not be able to claim their regulations caused the decrease in temperatures.

    Now, you know.   You're welcome!

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