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    I was sitting at a boring work meeting a while ago trying to find ways to keep myself awake. I turned to my friend next to me and whispered, "Do you believe in evolution?" She whispered back, "Yes. I'm not a Christian."
    Up until that very minute, I never realized the debate over evolution was so easily divided.
    There are a few anti-evolution groups that aren't Christian, but they are based in other religious beliefs. I tried to find an anti-Darwin atheist site, but I haven't had any luck. The term "anti-Darwin atheist" in Google brings up no hits - zero. Perhaps, this doesn't come as a surprise to you, but it does to me.

No natural mutation has been shown to add
unprecedented genetic material to DNA.

    One simple sentence completely disproves the theory that all life came from a single source. You don't see it? Maybe this will help -


1. Without precedent; not known to have ever happened before.
Thesaurus: revolutionary, unheard-of, unparalleled, extraordinary,
singular, novel, new, original, unusual.
    In order for evolution - all beings to have come from a single-cell in a vat of primordial soup - new DNA would have to be added, right there at the beginning. But, that doesn't happen - ever.

    So, why would anyone believe in a theory so fundamentally flawed it can be disproved with a single sentence that requires no religious leap of faith?
    Is it only because they don't want to believe in creation? Couldn't they simply say, "We don't know how we got here," rather than promote a fairy tale of mutations that could never happen?

The Ascent of Bunny
The Ascent of Bunny

Accepting evolution is like believing in the Easter Bunny.

A giant bunny who hides eggs and brings chocolates is
scientifically impossible, but at least it's not Christian.

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