Speaker of the Mind

The meeting was called to order and the main speaker for the Mind stepped up to the podium. (clearing throat)
"I'm glad we have a few moments to gather here and discuss our current situation. As you all know by now, things are not looking so well for us. We have been in a bit of a slump lately, which ofcourse is something that has been building up for some time now. Two days ago, we wanted to go out with an old friend. Did we go? No. Why not? Because indifference wouldn't let us."

Indifference stands, "Well, I don't see the problem there. I kept us from having an argument on our hands. Doesn't matter, wasn't the end of the world you know?"

The speaker motions for him to be seated. "Well, it does matter, because we were deprived of doing something we wanted to do. It seems that some of us have decided for some reason or another that we should just stay in our 'own little area' and not come out, is that not correct? Courage? Independence? Strength? and not to mention Creativity! Something has got to be done and now!" he states pounding the podium.
"I see some of us putting too many spoons in the pot. Insecurity, for instance, letting outside influences cause you to get too large and exaggerated. And where has Creativity gone to?"

Creativity looks up, "I, I, I'm here sir, it's just that theres too much going on all the time, I can't work under these conditions. Not to mention the fact that Negativity is always screaming in my ear!"

The Speaker lets out a long sigh, "We used to all work so well together, and now we are sitting back and letting some outsider penetrate our boundries. This use not to be the case. Look at us, hoping for more of these 'free moments' alone without the outsider just so we can have a conference. It is truly pathetic, and about time that Anger, Courage and Strength got us out of this situation!"

Anger jumps up, "Bloody right you are Captain!"

The Speaker smiles, "Indeed it is, indeed it is. Now what are we going to do team?"

(shouting) "Get rid of the outsider! Be ourself again!"

© R.Lore

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