Weakest Link

With a few simple guidelines, you can easily own another human being, have them only do what you want, and all the while convince them they are doing what they know is best for them. Don't worry if you aren't very bright. The beauty of these techniques is even the simplest mind can use them on a more intelligent mind. However, you must not have any self-respect, that will only get in your way.
Skilled manipulators know enough to fear truth, so they create their own sense of it. Remember this line,
"Truth is whatever lie you choose to believe."

Once you've convinced yourself that's valid, you can start trying to convince others as well.
Pick someone who isn't very trusting. Someone who's been recently hurt.
Even though they seem untrusting, they're the most vunerable. With your mark in your sights, you're on your way.

Personal space means nothing to a skilled manipulator. Have your mark tell you their deep dark secrets. Remember them all ...in detail. You have to stock up on info like that. Once you know what they're ashamed of, you're in, there's no way they can shake you off. Can't have you running around with their dirty secrets in your head can they?
So what if it's just their past. So what if their darkest secret is they once saw the gym teacher naked in the locker room. You can make good use of that. Ask them what they thought of the gym teacher. Then tell them you think they liked what they saw. Laugh it off, make like it's a big joke, get them laughing too ...then stop laughing suddenly and just look at them.
See how red they're turning? All they might have thought at the time was the teacher needed to lose some weight, but you've made it more. You've made it a big dark secret. A big dark secret you share with them.
Mental note: The Teacher Incident.

Have them keep the confessions coming, make up a few of your own. They don't have to be real. They can be as lame as The Teacher Incident, it's likely your subject won't be quick enough to pull the same maneuver on you. Even if they try, it just brings you closer right? You shared so much with them. If they stop laughing and stare, start crying. When they pull you close, sob 'I love you so much, I've never told anyone that before'.
Make sure you don't laugh when you say it though, ruins the effect.

Along with confessions, you have to find their 'dark side'. Everyone has one. It could be as simple as them shoplifting once as a kid or wondering what it would be like to be handcuffed to the bedpost. Explore those thoughts. Encourage them. This will build up an alliance between you. Have them shoplift something small just for you, or come home one day with some shiny new handcuffs. Don't let them back down. Tell them you really like that they'd steal something for you, that you've always wanted to try the handcuffs yourself, you're just so glad you found someone who understands - who's so much like you.
Getting them to try, and convincing them you share, these things will not only form a bond between you, but you can use these 'darker aspects' when you need to keep them inline.

Once you have their defenses down, now you have to reprogram them to your way of thinking. This is the easy part. If you saw your mom listen to your dad cause he told her she wasn't bright and he knew better, then you've learned if you tell someone they aren't too smart and they should do such-and-such, there's a damn good chance they'll listen to you.
Helps if you tell them how stupid they are at every available chance. Also helps if you can bring up any time they made a mistake.
What? We're all human? We all make mistakes?
No way, that won't help further your cause. Just forget that. Tell them, convince them, they're the only one who could be so ignorant as to make a mistake like they did, then tell them you forgive them. They're sure to brighten up. Aren't they lucky to have someone like you around? What would they do without you? Not only did you notice their mistake, you forgave them. It doesn't even have to be a real mistake, could be something they wanted ....say they purchase a nice new shirt, they're real happy about it ...turn it into a mistake ...tell them they paid too much, it's ugly, you could have found them a better quality shirt at this place you know, for LESS ...there, now it's a mistake, then forgive them for the horrible mistake they've made and throw the shirt away. Don't forget about it though. Now that you've successfully made what they saw as a treasured item into a major mistake, added some shame on top of that, you have ammo ...go with it! Next time they decide to do anything on their own, bring up the shirt, that horrible shirt. If they didn't know what they were doing when they bought that, how could they be sure they know what they're doing now? You can tell them better.
Guidance, that's what it's all about. Seeing things your way.

That's how simple manipulation is. The weakest mind can manipulate a stronger one. All you have to do is knock the stronger person in the knees a few times, then say it was for their own good. Helps if you tell them you really hurt yourself knocking them in the knees and it's all their fault cause you were just doing it for their own good, or the good of the 'relationship'. Where have they to turn now? Nowhere baby, they're yours for the keeping. They can't hurt you, cause even when you hurt them, they're hurting you.
They're a little bunny caught in your headlights and there's not a thing they can do without your permission.

Sometimes they get alittle headstrong for minute. They want to do what they want to do ...not a problem. Just go over what they want to do and point out tiny aspects of it that just don't make sense. Doesn't have to be anything exact mind you, just enough to put some doubt in their mind and have them say 'You could be right' or 'What do you think?'.
Point out everything that could possibly go wrong with their idea till it just doesn't seem fun or interesting anymore. Make anything you want them to do seem like a day at an amusement park. Say your toy wants to go out with some friends for the evening. Say sure, right away, no delay. Then say, 'But I thought we could spend some time alone this evening' ...ha! You got them. Their friends are more important than you? That's what your saying, but bunny-in-the-headlights doesn't get that. Bunny either changes their mind, or wants to go still, but you know that guilt cloud is positioned right over their head. Can they go out with the cloud hovering? They don't know. That's when you move in.
Any sign of weakness is the open opportunity. Tell them, it's okay, you had a hard day at work/school/home/the hairdressers and really wanted some alone time, but you realize they should go out and have fun if they want. They're not going anywhere after that. They can't turn to you and say 'You lying bitch, I'm going out with my friends and this guilt-trip shit doesn't work anymore' ...nah. They'd never do that.
Why? Cause they love you just too darn much! I mean, you helped them with the shirt mistake right?

What do you do if your toy starts getting a clue?
That's the time to pull out the full artillery, the shirt's not going to work now. Think back to the confessions they made to you in the past, whispered regrets, misgivings, past misdeeds ...like The Teacher Incident, and 'Their Dark Side'.
That's what you have to draw on now. Pull a few of those out casually. Explain to them how others might think of them if they knew about these things. Let them know you never brought them up, even though you are now, that doesn't matter, won't matter the next time you bring them up either. Your toy won't remember. They'll just remember you said you overlooked those bad things about them, you love them anyway. Only you understand. Only you accept them.
Then move on to the reconvincing. Start with 'We're so much alike, we fight what we see of ourselves in each other' ...write that down, that line usually works without any backup. Just in case you forget it, remember this, anything they ever confessed can be used against them. Remind them of every human failing they have, then remind them that you love them despite what an awful person they are.
Why? Well cause it's fate baby! They can't question fate!
You two were destined to be together. You've forgiven everything about your toy's past cause you knew it from the moment you met them. It's a feeling you have, don't they have it to? Sure they do, if they don't admit it the first time, ask them again. Rub your arm where they pushed you that one time when you had your claws in their face. Rub it real obvious. Make a tiny grimmace like you can still feel the pain.
They believe in fate. They believe in destiny.
They know no one else could ever forgive them like you do. Heck, you aren't even mentioning your arm, you're just rubbing it right? That's awfully forgiving of you to not even bring it up.

If they still want out, tell them you were thinking of leaving yourself.
You're tired of the way they treat you. They never listen to anything you say. They always want to go out with their friends instead of spending time with you. Doesn't matter if they never really went, it's just that they wanted to that counts. Suddenly they'll be the ones defending the relationship.
Beg off their approaches for a bit, not enough for them to lose interest though, just enough to give them a scare. They won't realize they'd be getting what they want. Say something like 'I just don't see a point in continuing this.'. That will make them try to think of one, just one, and one is all you need. They're the ones trying to hold on now. It's all their idea.
Tell them you'll give them another chance. You forgive them.
Forgiveness always chokes them up. Use it as often as you can.

Then buy them something the next day.
Just something small, a little bear holding a heart will seal the deal.
They aren't going anywhere ...anywhere but where you lead them.

© J. Simon

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