A Hand

I was walking down the street and I noticed someone sitting down, leaning against a wall. It seemed he was trying to get up. He could not, though he tried.
I walked over to him and put my hand out for him to take. He looked up at me, unsure at first, then took my hand. I pulled him up. He brushed himself off with his free hand and smiled at me. I smiled back, and released the grip I had of his hand. He didn't release. He held tight.

"You're standing now, let go of my hand.", I said.

He looked at me with uncertainty in his eyes, then looked around and realized, yes he was indeed standing now. He let go of my hand and just stood silently, smiling.

I smiled back and started to walk on, first stopping to say "It's ok, you can walk now. Just take one step at a time.".

© R.Lore

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