[ Butt-Wrenching Dogma ]

dogma :
a doctrine or belief

O-matic :
instantly available, (automatic)

kiosk :
a small structure, usually for business, with one or more open sides

Dog-O-matic   k i o s k :
a small site offering instant dogma

The owners/designers of Dog-O-matic  k i o s k  are
Minor Sage (J. Simon) and MorJava (L. Ferrell).

  We are both ideologists - people who study the ideologies, opinions, theories, and structures of society. This includes trends in science, belief systems, culture (art, fashion, literature, music).
Our writings and paintings are expressions of those observations. We also include work of others who have gone beyond living in the mix, to altering the recipes.

Brought to you by :

Minor Sage


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