How to Post - What to Post

Posted by The Powers That Be on May 26, 1998 at 23:45:41:

This is Dog-O-matic kiosk's anonymous essay board. This is not a guestbook, or a question area.

To submit essays to Piping-Hot Essays, you need three submissions, in this area, one is fine. We've also found some people wish to write anonymously, that's fine, just fill in whatever alias you would like, email address is optional.

We'd like you to read a few essays on the site before posting, just to get a sense of the styles, and any post we find objectional (or simply boring) or poetry, will be deleted. Don't let that hold you back if you just think your writing style isn't that great, it's a warning for those who think it's ok to ramble on, rather than rant on.

Essays can be written 'stream of consciousness' if you like, but for coherence, you can 'control-insert' from a text file. Word documents should be converted to basic .txt before inserting. If you aren't sure what that means write us and we'll either explain it, or post for you.

Since this is new, we aren't sure how the line-breaks will fall. This note is posted through control-insert, so that should give you some idea. If your essay comes out really screwed up, don't repost it, just write us a note and we'll try to fix it.


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