Posted by mary-claire on November 05, 1999 at 18:31:35:

I said goodbye to a good friend today-my best friend. She was the sweetest, funniest, most understanding person I have ever known. We shared many laughs and drunken confessions and tearful complaints and happy, wild high school parties. And then she met him.
HE seemed nice enough at first; but not nice enough for her, or so I thought and couldn't help but say. She pulled away from me, accussing me of jealously, knowing all my needs for love and hurling them back at me. But, I knew; I just knew.
She came to my house some months later, wearing sunglasses on a February morning when the sun was against shining. And I knew.
Her face all battered, dried blood screaming every detail of what he had done. I have never wished so badly that there could be nothing left to know.
Broken and rejected, she returned; to his arms of hate and power, where she hoped for happiness and love.
And eventually he killed her--
my beautiful,intelligent, sweet-tempered, 19 year-old friend. The person who knew who I lost my virginity with and why I hated my parents, and the one who slapped someone in the face because they were hurting me.
And I want to kill him, sitting in a jail cell, waiting for his trial, where I will have my turn to speak, or so I've been told. But, that's not enough. I want him dead--erased from this place and all its opportunities and posssibilities and life.
There are certain people who deserve to die.

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