the perfect one

Posted by infatuated on November 01, 1999 at 07:41:55:

The Perfect One

I watch him from the corners of my eyes, trying not to look to obvious. His lean, but sturdy body, slumped over a seat. And i wonder, what is going on behind those eyes? How do they view me? Am i held with awe? respect? curiosity? or could he really care less whether or not i wake up the next morning and come to school.

you've probably already guessed it, yet another pointless highschool crush, but sometimes i can't help but wonder how pointless. I wonder, if I spoke out and said something, what the reply would be. yes, we talk. we exchange words, and jokes. sometimes i feel we should keep it at that. i think that by asking for more i could lose everthing i've already got, but part of me will always wonder.

everything seems so perfect, almost that is. our personalitys fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, waiting to be put together, or at least that's how i see things. he can make me one of the happiest people in the world, but i always wonder, could i ever return the favor? There is nothing more pointless and agrivating than a one sided love. i just hope that someday, i'll find someone who's willing to put the puzzle together with me... maybe it's not meant to be, maybe it's not an exact match, but i'll never no unless i give it a shot.

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