Posted by Rendeira on October 27, 1999 at 06:37:58:

Every day when I get up I have to make a choice and that determines the outcome of my morning. Funny how even the simplest task requires a bit of common sense to make a wise decision. But how do we know if the choices we make will have a positive outcome. Well obviously some choices are essential for our survival and must be exercised daily or we die. Eating, resting, exercising, sleeping, working are all part of activities which enhance our quality of life. If we dont act upon these choices drastic results will alter the course of day to day tasks. Essentially choices made which affect our physical well being have to practiced daily. However emotionally speaking we run into big problems. I have made terrible choices for my life in the matters of the heart. Why, have I asked myself, arent these choices as easy as getting up, eating, sleeping, working, and exercising? Perhaps if I could size up the situation as a simple matter it would not be so difficult to act upon it. But my heart does not think like my brain. It needs nourishment, and caring, and nurturing, and is often very vulnerable and very hungry. It needs attention, wants to be center of everything, and is hopelessly selfish. I have tried to tame it, discipline it, feed it, but often acts on its own and recklessly chooses the most difficult path. I have thought if I could only coordinate the brain with the heart I would be in excellent emotional health. No chance. They simply will not choose to work together.

Having pondered and measured the difficult of such matters, I have chosen to take the easy way out and let the heart take over. Foolish perhaps, but nevertheless much more pleasant. After all life is a matter of choice and without a heart choices become as mechanical as eating, sleeping, working and exercising.

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