How do you say no??

Posted by anonymous on September 23, 1999 at 13:08:26:

I'm a freshmen college student at Centenary in Shreveport Lousiana. I was recently in a relationship for three long years. I got away from Houston to move on from my old life and to experience new things, people and atmospheres. When my partner found out about me "choosing to leave him" he decided there was nothing left for him in Texas so he joined the ARMY.
My life is much better. I realize the crap I put up with him but, at the same time he truley loved me. I don't think I loved much. He called the other day and informed me that he was proposing in May of 2000 when he returns. How do I say no?? I care for him as a friend and need his friendship. He won't let us be just friends. He talks about how he isn't going to waste the last three years of his life without a fight. What does that mean?
My decision is clear. I HAVE to avoid him. I'm glad that I was straight forward with my mom as she knows his obsession with me. It is more then an obsession it is his full intent to either live with me forever or make sure I don't live with anyone else this lifetime. Scarry huh? I don't mean to come lightly but I have my independence and it feels good. He will not control my life. What do you think??

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