The Universal Question

Posted by Tachibana Ukyo on June 01, 1998 at 20:48:09:

Sometimes, perhaps I really wanted to know about the reason why I had to be born
and where I am going and what will be happening when I am dead. Not in a passive
philosophical sense but in a specific and comprehensive sense. I could imagine
hundreds and thousands of thoughts or guesses about all these. What is that for?
Imagined thoughts could never persuade me that it actually applies to reality.
I do not have those answers yet. If I can find any answer which can satisfy my in-
quisitive soul, I would already be the buddha. Whenever,whichever I think of
something for a long time I am always reminded of the instructions of Buddha.

The world would be nothing, If your value and thought is nothing. If you truly
can realize that you are nothing, then you are capable of becoming anything.
Then you have no longer to be involved in this world. You might excess the world
itself.If you are able to forget you and your everything, you will be able to be
the sky, the earth, the river, or the man you have dreamed to be, and Buddha as well like he said to people.
All I could give myself was that everything is flexible and there is no forever
except a certain rule which rules the entire time and Universe. That is why I am going to find out the rule,
and that is why I live, that might be the answer for the question I had. Though I am not sure if this
truly assures me.


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