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Posted by essay_bot on September 15, 1999 at 23:04:28:

Standing under a shelter in the pouring down rain, I'm thinking about bob. Tech bob. You know the guy. You call 1-800-support-my-arse. Him. I'm computer literate, but I know alot of people who aren't. They call bob. They go into areas of their computers they aren't familar with, following the commands of the indifferent bob. Bob thinks *all* people should know
what he is talking about as he tells them what to do. Note: bob also thinks he was born with all the computer knowledge he has. You, the user, call bob and expect a nice "mommy's gonna fix this and make it ok" attitude. You get bob. You get confused and insulted. Hourslater you get your computer working again, hoping not to have to call bob again. God bless
the user for suffering thru bob's arrogance. There must be some good, patient and cheerful bob's out there. I've heard no tale of them yet.

Wearing bob's shoes still doesn't make me think they should have attitude. I can see that bob might get asked the same questions over and over again. And bob might get frustrated alot by users that don't understand his 'simple' commands. And bob might get chewed out by users that are unruly because of the computer crash. Welcome to the common workplace, bob.

Maybe if bob acted more like a 'teacher' and 'wanted' to help users, and felt good when he could get someones computer up and running. Then, no attitude? I suppose he'd rather post his whining and bitching and complaints in newsgroups. Laugh at the users incompetence. I have to wonder where bob got his computer knowledge from. Maybe patient teachers?
If you put a person in a car who's never driven one or been in one before and tell them to drive it, they couldn't possibly deduce that they need a key to start it, or much less where to put the key or to turn the key once its in the ignition(slot). I could go on here, but I'm sure
you get the point.

Bob could laugh with the customer when they realise they have a 'floppy' (the square one)in the a double dot drive instead of the 'cd' (the round one) inserted in the usually assigned d double dot drive, and not be frustrated with them.Bob could see his 'help' as rewarding not bothersome.

If you are a user and have experienced a bob and don't care to again.
Go to your local bookstore and buy a good book on your operating system. Read it at your leisure. Try out it's troubleshooting guides and skip bob. Ofcourse bob may not like that. If users start reading books and helping themselves out of computer problems he won't have a job.


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