Poisoned Minds

Posted by Waldo Stalin on July 20, 1999 at 17:47:13:

The Minds of the Majority is poisoned. Its subjects tainted, they are followers of the status quo, upholders of the normal, blind followers... Sheep. They follow the trend setters who are followers of the dark truths them self or the Mad Egotist who wish to lead only to suit their own purposes and have no regard for any one else. This non participants of this phuked game of follow the leader, the ones who think for them self's, the unpoisoned minds are outcast and tormented by the sheep because they refuse to follow. This drives some who could be innovators to sheepdom to escape the torment, some who could set new standards of excellence to mediocrity this must be changed or nothing will change. Censorship of new ideas must be stopped, persecution of the unpoisoned minds must end or the ideals of democracy will fail and turn to dictatorship lead by manipulators and self serving egotists who's pose as leader of the people but serve no purpose other than accommodating themselves.

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