Posted by Warrior One - for lack of a better name on June 05, 1999 at 19:02:18:

It was the battle of two warriors. Warrior one was attracted to warrior two's aura of power. Warrior two, at first, believing warrior one had no power.
At the first battle warrior two retreated. He believed warrior one to be without the strength of character he desired, and left to test that character. Warrior one deciding she could match warrior two's strength, met the challenge boldly, silently for all he knew.
The second battle was a surprise attack. Though warrior one wavered for a minute, she came back standing tall. This battle went on a while longer than the first. Warrior two attempted to show his strength - strutting, postering, but with no true sense of power. Warrior one watched and waited.
Warrior one's waiting, her aloofness, made warrior two realized he had found what he looked for all along - true power, and if he himself could not possess it, he longed to possess the one who could. Warrior two had never noticed that from his show of false power, warrior one had come to see her own power. When he asked if she would join him, warrior two came very close to agreeing... but then warrior two made one small, so small as to barely notice, comment, and with that comment she saw him as he was. A broken warrior, low, powerless, making as he always had, statements to the illusion of the power he wished to possess.
She declined his offer.

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