Who am I?

Posted by Moradeev on May 06, 1999 at 08:35:40:

“ WHO AM I? “

Insane I am, Great I m, Who am I?
Do I live in myself or do I just appear that I know who I am?
Take a look and you shall see that I am no ordinary man.
If there were a crowd of a billion men, I would stand out.
It would not be my appearance, humor, or great worldly knowledge.
It would not even be my leadership in which I am respected for
What makes me that bright shining star?
Why I do I form constellations?
Why can I tame the Earth?
There is but one answer. My Heart!
For it is strong, unbounded by society or proclaimed evil of Lucifer and Free Will.
It lives not only in me but everyone. It is truly your soul.
The spirit that lives in you is love.
Love is clearly not an object but you’re very self.

By: Joseph Lee McConnell

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