I wish... I wonder...

Posted by Tejas Shah on March 30, 1999 at 21:35:46:

Sometimes, i wonder what is other person thinking... Sometimes i wish that i can leave this body, and go into other person's mind, and see how is there thought process, and what do they really think about me and others. Sometimes, i just wish that my wish could come true.

Sometimes, i wish that i could slow down the time, and look back and see what i have been doing with my life. What i have achieved. Time if flying... And one day, time will come for me, and i will be still wondering what i have done with my life, what i have achieved, have i been good example for someone else, have i been able to change someone's life in positive way. Sometimes i wonder i can freeze this time and go back.

Sometimes, i wonder, how can fall in love? How is that possible... Love can make you cry, can make you smile, can kill you, can save you... It is very powerful, so powerful that world runs on it... Any one can fall in love, i wonder, why i haven't?

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