Posted by Christina L. Paulino on January 26, 1999 at 12:19:17:

We are constantly being judged. All the work from being a tiny tot to a senior goes down the drain in a couples of minutes. WHY? Because in just a few minutes, you're essay, the essay that you wrote wether or not you plaglarized it a flash or took months to write has enthralled the college board of admissions or ended up in the reject pile. We a PRIMED up for this moment. Our whole lives we are encompassed even obsessed by the thoughts of others. We're human. Can't blame that. I'm not ratting upon the people who enjoy a good writing piece. I'm ranting on the people who think they can determine a person's intelligence or even sense of responsiblity just by what they write. Am I contradicting myself? Maybe. But, at least I'm not superficial.

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