Voices ? Do I hear Voices ?

Posted by PhillC on December 16, 1998 at 22:35:40:

>From: "Hilary Browne"
>To: PhillC
>Subject: Re: Forgiven, not forgotten ?
>Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:05:04 PST
>Hi ye,
>i know you are thinking that I have forgotten about you but nothing
>could be further than the truth.
>Well can you believe it, I am here at the airport in San Fran about to
>catch my flight home. I ahave been talking about this day for so long
>and now here I am.
>Well it's a ten hour flight and I guess I'll have lots of time for
>reflection. I am not v excited about going home and almost wish I was
>going back to Sydney now but hey I can't keep running eh!!!
>Hope all is well in Sydney, heard you were in Cheers at a very late hour
>with Tracie, any scandal !!!! have you charmed her yet!!!!! I never
>recall you spending long hours with me like that!!!! ( I'm sure you'll
>be delighted to see that I haven't changed at all)
>Give my love to everyone there especially Jeff and Marian and everyone
>I really miss Sydney and all of you ,
>Promise I'll keep in touch more often when I get home,
>Miss ye loads

Well, well , well Brownie,
Such a surprise to hear from you, I thought maybe you'd fallen off the end of the earth. Just
jokes....I know you were having a ripper holiday and there's the rest of your life to sort things
I guess by now that you will be at home and reading this from the comfort of the Emerald Isle. I
sincerely hope that everything sorts itself out over there for you. I know that it will. Follow
your heart and not always your head.
As for me charming Tracie - hardly ! You have such little faith. I know you are only ribbing me,
but I also know you still think I am a terrible chancer and that underneath the joking facade
there is an element of seriousness in what you are thinkning. I guess there is v. little I can do
about that, except prove you wrong. As for spending time with you, well what can I say that
hasn't already been said. I was stupid, foolish and somewhat blind to something that everyone
else could see, but I didn't until perhaps too late. Oh well, you get that on the big jobs.
As for me, all is well in general. I guess the big news is that I have applied to go back to
University on a part time basis. They have accepted me into the course, although it's still not
too late to pull out. The course is a Master of Business in Information Innovation. sounds pretty
funky hey ? Well it's three years part time and costs heaps - they're the bad points. Good points
are that it seems really interesting and that the whole thing is done over the Internet. I never
have to meet anyone face to face, it is a totally electronically taught course, which for the
geek in me is pretty exciting. You can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have
access to a PC, Internet, email address and a word processor. Speaking of anywhere in the would you feel about seeing me next year ? I was not going to say anythng, but I
think I blerted in a drunken state to Tracie that I was going overseas next year, and I am sure
she would have told you. Anyway, 1/3/99 I fly out of Sydney for 2 months in Africa and then
1/5/99 I fly out of Cape Town and into London. I leave Dublin on 28/6/99 or there abouts. So I
have two months in England/Ireland, should be enough time to catch up for a pint or 7 don't you
Well I'm off home to Scone for Christmas which I am really looking forward to, catching up with
the family and all. My sister (yes, remember I only have one sibling) has graduated from Uni and
secured her first job as a Primary School teacher, so she is heaps excited about that. It will
also be great to spend a couple of days with Mum and Dad.
I guess that is about all from me here. No I haven't been a chancer with the new girl filling in
your role. Just thought I'd get in first, before you bloody well asked. I still haven't got that
CD back from Tracie !! I saw Jane today, she got back from NZ on Monday, I think we may be
catching up for a few bevvies on Friday night.
Anyway let me know what you are up to around May/June next year - I'll be relying on you to tell
me all the good spots around Galway to go to, I have a particular inkling to see some ancient
sites (standing stones and the like), get to the Aran Islands and see Yeats grave in Drumcliff,
Sligo (morbid hey ?) but apart form that have no set objectives.
I trust you are home safely.

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