A letter to my girl

Posted by Choi, Jae-Yong on December 07, 1998 at 08:59:38:

Dear Hoon-Joo 정훈주

How is it going thesedays baby? I wonder where you will be right now.
And thesedays I am thinking back at the time when I was in Chicago.
mmm....I am sure you can remember the days I missed you so much when I was
in chicago that I used call you in the early morning, you wake up just ...
when I was about to sleep in the night..... and I also many times gave you
drinking talkings too. ( you only told me YES when I was drunk) ha ha..
I am still waiting for you. I can not believe that your heart could be stolen
to someone else.
You know what? I didn't have to seek for the reason why I am living
and why I am doing my job and why I am selling my life for something.
because all I know at the time was just YOU and money and enjoyable life.
Thesedays, I am finding many people crying for kinda help for their imperfect
heart. But no worries, they do just fine. just fine...ha ha....
I know this letter is written in English and you won't understand this letter
and.....I know you dont know this essay board. and I know you don't have e-mail address
and I know you don't know anything about the Internet. Sigh.........
You know what? Don't you wonder what the hell I am doing here?
I have cried enough, and you have cried enough, though sometimes sadness
is beautiful and enjoyable, we just...had had everything about us enough.
we need to rest.... long is until our death.
It's late night here. thinking you will be asleep right now.
When some people is wondering the meaning of life, I used to tell them
that once you truly find something to love and know your deals about it,
happiness will fill out all blanks of heart.
ha ha....Eazy to say, Hard to make it happen. Isn't it?
What do you think? U told me that you are so tired that you want comfortable
life. that's all. that I claim that I have a comfortable life,
you would think I am Ok.
EAZY and simple game......You know.... I can never be happy without you.
What is physically being together, and what is metally being together?
I am sick of being together with you mentally. I need to feel your body right
by my side.
You are my wife. forever.....(mentally)
damn wondering why we had to separate....I will have to learn how to believe
our next chance.... of after life that we will be together forever.
You used to mistrust my words.....




With Hope Jae-Yong (최재용)

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